Dots Plays Beautifully with Olympic Gymnast

The Gaming Studio Partners with GMUNK & Laura Zeng for Second Film

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NEW YORK — December 6, 2016 — Dots, the acclaimed NYC creative gaming studio behind Dots, Two Dots, and Dots & Co, today released ‘Play Beautifully II’ in partnership with Director GMUNK and US Olympic gymnast Laura Zeng. The video is the second in a series that celebrates the creative and cultural endeavors of those who embody Dots’ brand ethos, and takes the viewer on an accentuated visual journey that reflects the experience of playing Dots games. 

“For our second ‘Play Beautifully’ film, we wanted to showcase two remarkable creators who would highlight the intersection between technology, movement, and design, bringing the iconic gameplay of Dots into the real world,” said Ondriona Monty, Chief Marketing Officer, Dots. “GMUNK is a creative that pushes the boundaries of cinematography and technology, and Laura Zeng is a breathtaking gymnast, dancer, and real-life Dots player so it was an electric collaboration.” 

The film follows Zeng’s meditative daydream as she preps for her routine in the locker room of a gymnasium. As part of her pre-performance routine, Zeng plays Two Dots, and is transported to the mat where her rhythmic movement and glowing gymnast ball transcend reality.

“‘Play Beautifully’ represents the feeling I experience when I reach a mode of total focus, where the environment seems to fade away as one movement blends seamlessly into the next,” said Laura Zeng. “Dots and GMUNK created a space for that sensation to live and breathe.” 

The film centers around a light-controlled gymnast ball that GMUNK and his team specially engineered to showcase Zeng’s fluidity and craft. By playing beautifully with the language of the camera, GMUNK creates an imaginative dreamscape guided by a clear visual language of circles and light that mirror the sensations of Dots’ games.

“Light and technology play was the heart of the ‘Play Beautifully II’ film, which allowed us to create a surreal embodiment of Dots’ games,” said GMUNK, Director. “We used hundreds of remote LED sources, strobes, and our custom LED gymnast ball to accentuate Zeng’s beautiful and elegant contortions and to showcase the space between form and balance.” 

Dots’ in-house composer-producer duo Ross Wariner and Cody Uhler tapped a 12-piece string orchestra to score the film with electro-synth currents. The two worked hand-in-hand with GMUNK to pair sound and image, keeping in line with Dots’ product strategy to create elevated and seamless audio and visual user experiences. 

The ‘Play Beautifully II’ film will be released following the studio’s ‘Casa Dots’ installation at Design Miami 2016. 

The ‘Play Beautifully’ film series began with the release of ‘Play Beautifully I’ featuring professional freestyle BMXer, Nigel Sylvester. The third installment is expected to launch in mid-2017.  For more information on “Play Beautifully” go to

About Dots

Dots builds games with thoughtful, minimalist design. The Studio has created three mobile games, Dots, Two Dots and Dots & Co., and celebrates over 100 million downloads. Their first game, Dots: A Game About Connecting, has garnered a massive and loyal following since its launch in 2013. In 2014 the studio launched Two Dots, an acclaimed global mega-hit, which reached #1 in the App Store in over 100 countries. In 2016, Dots released Dots & Co, which continues to climb the app charts. You can learn more about Dots by following @dots on Instagram, @dots on Twitter, and by visiting the Dots website:

About Laura Zeng

Laura Zeng is a seventeen-year-old rhythmic gymnast from Chicago who competed at the 2016 Olympic games in Rio as part of the USA National Team. Zeng is the first American to medal at a World Cup, winning bronzes in hoop and ribbon at the 2016 Minsk World Cup. She won Team USA's first Youth Olympics medal in rhythmic gymnastics with a bronze at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games. Zeng also took home all five possible individual rhythmic gymnastics gold medals at the 2015 Pan American Games. You can learn more about Laura Zeng by following @toss_and_catch on Instagram. 


GMUNK’s award-winning directorial techniques use light and materials to craft bold imagery in both the live action and interactive worlds.  His extensive portfolio spans feature films, commercials, experimental installations, music videos and graphic design. This expansive range is on display in his recent credits, which include projects for clients such as Adidas, Samsung and Audi, light installations for Pontiac and Twilio, as well as music videos for Tycho, Eric Prydz, and concert visuals for Beck. You can learn more about GMUNK by following @GMUNK on Instagram and Twitter, and by visiting his website: 

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